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Untapped talent

250,000 students complete postgrad degrees every year in the UK. Over half of these people would like to work outside of academia. These are highly educated, technically talented and driven people with valuable skills. But many lack the connections or experience to make the career leap.

Connecting smart people to smart projects

While there is no shortage of freelancer sites, people with postgrad degrees often get lost in the crowd. Spyre was created to provide easy access to this top-tier talent. For businesses, academics or any professionals needing high-level skills on a flexible and affordable basis. And it enables postgrads, postdocs and academics to explore alternative careers and gain experience while getting paid. It’s a win-win.

Unlimited possibilities

By getting smart people hired, Spyre enables advances in science, research, technology and business that would not have otherwise been possible.

Meet The Team

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Heather Garrick

Heather used to work as a teacher in an international school and after completing her MA in Environmental Management, she realized that there was a gap in the recruitment market for highly skilled graduates from science, mathematics and technological disciplines. At the same time the graduates from environmental and development studies were finding it hard to find employment beyond the non-profit sector and the companies that started developing new ideas utilising science for sustainable development were growing in large numbers.

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Andy Woods

Andy was awarded his PhD in 2004 on ‘Multisensory Perception’ from Trinity College, Dublin. He then worked in several laboratories, exploring face perception, early-stage detection of glaucoma, and multisensory food perception. Subsequently, he worked in industry for several years in the Netherlands (for Unilever). Andy's spent the last 10 years developing software for conducting psychological research online and writing a variety of apps for science. In his spare time, Andy’s a keen runner, winning the Donegal Marathon in 2010. He also attends the occasional hackathon.


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Lecturer from the University of Oxford

Expert in Research and Enterprise

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Head of Consumer research

Expert in Consumer behaviour