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The story behind Andy getting involved in Spyre

I created an online study for a large project based in Singapore. Another company was responsible for translating the text from English to 8 asian languages but they totally mucked it up (doing the work in house as opposed to professionally). So I had to:

  • incredibly last minute,

  • whilst on holiday visiting the inlaws in Germany,

  • with our 4 year-old and 8 month old to look after,

  • sort out the translations.

I posted on PsychMap (Psychology group on facebook) asking for help in exchange for $, and we got 8 very clever psychologists to translate the psychology heavy texts within a few days. And it was awesome.

It occured to me that academics have a whole host of skills that they may be willing to offer others, and make some money in the process. I asked around and heard about Heather and her Spyre project. We got chatting, and never looked back.

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